Community Guidelines

ReSisters United Community Standards

ReSisters United was formed by women across the UK and Ireland, because we recognized the assault on our hard-won rights and freedoms that gender identity ideology could pose. Resisters United is therefore a feminist movement focussed on women´s rights, centering women´s interests and experiences, and for this we make no apology.

This page is intended to set out the common standards of conduct for those involved in the Resisters movement and campaigning under the shared Resisters identity. Resisters is a new and growing campaign & as such it should be anticipated that these standards may evolve alongside the movement.

Resisters United is a grassroots movement of solidarity between gender critical people, concerned about the current roll back of sex-based rights.

Whilst the main focus of branches will be the protection of sex-based rights and women´s liberation from gender oppression, each branch of Resisters will have its own local campaigning priorities.

Membership of each local branch will be determined by that branch. It is anticipated that membership will be diverse, with members who hold various opinions and beliefs but share an interest in the protection of sex-based rights, and opposition to the reification of gender identity ideology in law, policy and practice across society.

Local branches may choose to collaborate on larger calls to action.

Each branch of Resisters is an independent and autonomous group, liable for its own actions.

Resisters United is not accountable for the actions of individual branches.

Resisters United is not affiliated with any political or religious groups.

Resisters United engage in fact-based debate & peaceful protest. Personal attacks, trolling, threatening behaviour and other forms of abuse will not be tolerated.

Resisters United will not tolerate sexism, racism, ageism, ableism or homophobia.

Resisters United will not tolerate transphobia, which is defined as the dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people.  Resisters United supports and upholds the rights of trans and gender non-conforming people to live free of prejudice, discrimination, harassment, and violence.

Resisters United recognizes that it is not transphobic to question the political ideology, philosophy, and practices of trans rights activists.  No political movement or individual activist or interlocutor is immune from critique in a free democracy. Resisters United welcomes free, fair and civil debate on the politics of sex and gender.

If any local branch is found to be in breach of the above standards they will be asked to desist in their use of the Resisters identity, their association will be ended and any links will be deleted from the Resisters United network.