ReSisters Mission Statement and WoManifesto

Mission Statement

ReSisters United is a collective of grassroots feminist groups throughout the UK and Ireland established in 2019 due to the continued erosion of woman’s rights and the erasure of female as a distinct sex class to connect and support feminists.

The main aim of ReSisters United is to connect women across the UK and Ireland providing a feminist network and a sisterhood that stands together in solidarity. Uplifting and supporting each other in upholding and furthering the rights of women and girls.

By creating non-violent direct action campaigns in order to push discourse into the public sphere and make it publicly known that the women of the UK and Ireland stand against female and lesbian erasure under the guise of inclusivity and progressive politics.



  • To unite women and girls against the erosion of our sex based rights in law and culture and say NO to Self ID
  • To protect women’s bodily autonomy
  • To protect women’s right to single sex spaces
  • To provide a source of accurate information and resources to facilitate respectful thought, debate and action
  • To empower women to unite and build grassroots support networks and enable political action on a local and national leve


  • We do not tolerate racism, lesbophobia, ableism, ageism or homophobia within our community. 
  • We recognise the many barriers that women face to full political and social inclusion. We hope to organise in a way that is mindful of this.


  • We are a grassroots collective
  • We have no formal power structure or appointed positions outside of roles taken on by volunteers
  • Women can grow their own hubs locally whilst also accessing the Nationwide hub and resources.
  • We are entirely self funded through the sales of our shop and donations.
  • We are not affiliated with any political or religious organisation.