About Us

Who Are We:

ReSisters United is an international group including the UK and Ireland, composed of women from all walks of life. We have formed from local, grassroots feminist groups in order to coordinate and organise national and international action.

ReSisters groups are growing all over the UK and Ireland, but at the time of this writing, we have thirteen ReSisters groups in the network, with more in the pipelines.

Local ReSisters groups work independently of each other, or in coordination with other local groups as and when necessary. ReSisters United solely focuses on the coordination of large-scale efforts.

We aim to be as democratic as possible, and invite ideas and opinions from all group members. Our core administration team is composed of members from each ReSisters group so all groups in the network are represented.

Anyone is welcome to join ReSisters United as an individual – please contact us! We will try to connect you with women as near to you geograpically as possible.

Our Key Aims:

  • Upholding and furthering the rights of women in the UK and Ireland
  • Making it publicly known that women across the UK and Ireland stand against female erasure under the guide of inclusivity and progressive politics
  • Creating nonviolent, direct action campaigns in order to push discourse into the public sphere

We call on all women, everywhere, to join us. This is the year for action. This is the year to be heard.

We have moved past “no debate” but we must continue to push ourselves into the consciousness of our politicians, our media, our world.