Queering Kids, Queering Queer and the Eternal Cis Apology

An Evening with Michael Rosen

By Brighton ReSisters


Queering Children’s Literature @ Goldsmiths

A symposium of speakers looking at queering children’s and young adult literature.


Queering Children's Literature at Goldsmith's University“The Centre for Language, Culture and Learning, in conjunction with the Centre for Identity and Social Justice, are delighted to announce a Symposium on “Queering Children’s Literature”.Wednesday 12th February, 2020, 6.00 – 9.00pm, Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths College.”


I have been told in academic circles that you always start by defining your terms. As a woman with a grounded understanding of queer theory I entered into this “symposium” with a solid working definition of “queer”. I left the “symposium” with none. Apparently that is the definition of “queer” being “queered”. Very “POMO“. Anyways, let us move swiftly on and take a collective deep breath (queer or otherwise) before we drown in the never ending circular definitions that is higher Education at Goldsmiths University. It is queerly remarkable that in the hands of academia, a word laden with so much meaning has now been stripped to have none. How very queer indeed.  Continue reading