‘Stonewall is Anti-Lesbian’ – protest

by Jo Bartosch, freelance journalist campaigning for the rights of women and girls

Stonewall protest“Hello Stonewall! We are lesbians, the old-fashioned type that don’t have penises!”

shouts protestor Dr Julia Long. Others in the group laugh in agreement, before continuing to chat and hand out leaflets outside the QEII Centre in central Westminster.

Organised by women’s groups, including Resisters and the Lesbian Rights Alliance, the ‘Stonewall is Anti-Lesbian’ protest fell on 26th April, Lesbian Day of Visibility. The aim was to bring attention to what the protestors see as the betrayal of lesbians by the UK’s biggest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) advocacy group, Stonewall. Continue reading

ReSisters United International Women’s Day 2019 Weekend of Action

March represented a busy couple of days of activism for ReSisters United with multiple actions being held on the Friday 8th March to commemorate International Women’s Day 2019 followed by a strong ReSisters presence at the Million Women Rise march through London the following day.  

Over 50 women signed up to the ‘Visit Your MP’ (#askyourmp) event on Friday 8th March, jointly organised by the Scottish ReSisters faction, ‘Forwomen.scot’; our first Open Action which encouraged the general public to book  or attend appointments with their MP to discuss upholding women and girls’ legal right to single sex spaces.

Visit your MP for International Women’s Day – an easy guide

Would you be surprised to hear that UK law protects single-sex, safe spaces for women – but many businesses and organisations think it doesn’t?

There is widespread confusion about what the Equality Act means in practice, and the very protections designed to keep women safe are being misinterpreted and used against us.

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WOMEN’S AND GIRLS SAFETY MATTERS: The Vital Importance of Single Sex Toilets and Changing Rooms in Reducing Sexual Assault and Harassment

To mark #itsnotok sexual violence and sexual abuse awareness week, Resisters United here take a brief look at the latest UK based developments in the global attack on single sex spaces and examine how this disregarding of our right to single sex exemptions as a Protected Group in the 2010 Equality Act is negatively impacting on women and girls in the real world.

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